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Sunday, April 17, 2016

4-16 Saturday, Where to go?

Bell County Expo Center
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This morning we loaded Flo into the car and headed to town. Every third Saturday Belton has Market Days, where local merchants get together and have a street fair. It is from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm except in the summer where it starts at 8:00 am but stops at 2:00 pm. This time of year there aren't many vendors so it didn't take us too long to walk around. We usually walk through the bookstore or other merchants that are open but today we passed. We might not need to go through the bookstore now that we have a library card. Next stop was the Bell County Expo Center. At the Expo Center there were three events going on: Just Between Friends, The Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin Agility Trial and Ham Expo. Once at the Expo Center we had to decide which event we should start at. There was a entry fee for the Ham radio event but lots of folks were setup in the parking lot so we simply walked around the parking lot looking at lots of stuff for sale. When Larry was a teen he was into CB & Ham radios. Larry was surprised to see that many people still into Ham radios. After walking around we went to The Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin Agility Trial. They were still setting up the courses so we decided to go to Just Between Friends. When we got to the door there was a sign explaining this was a swap meet for children's items, we weren't interested in children items so we decided not to go. So back to the agility event. By the time we got back they were starting the event. The dogs and handlers really get into the courses and it's good exercise. Some dogs bark all the way through the course and some breeds are faster than others. Dogs are a lot like people, sometimes they just don't feel like doing the course. We watched the dogs do the two agility courses for about an hour. We always have fun doing this.

Jumping through a ring
Climbing down a ramp
Here I go to the next obstacle
After leaving the Expo Center we headed towards Temple and stopped at Five Guy's Burgers for lunch. We had never been to Five Guy's but we had read good things about it, as a matter of fact one of the bloggers we follow loves the place. Unfortunately we didn't find it to be all that great. The burger was ok but it had way too much mustard and ketchup and the Fries were ok but they had way too much salt. Instead of serving your items on a tray they throw them in a brown paper bag where you can see the grease soaking into the bag, not my idea of appetizing. The interior of the building was certainly not fancy, not any nicer than your local McDonald's and it was very loud. The only thing unique was that they had free salted in the shell peanuts. The least expensive burger was $7, actually that is not true, you can get a little burger for $5, add another $3 for fries. You can eat at Fuddruckers for the same price and get a much better burger that you get to dress yourself. Too bad they closed the Fuddruckers in Temple. We also liked Freddy's Steak Burgers better plus you can have a sundae for desert.

We didn't have any square dancing in the evening so we hung out with Flo and read.


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