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Monday, April 25, 2016

4-24 Advance Lessons Continue

You might recall that a couple of weeks ago we obtained a library card from our local library. The primary reason for this was to be able to check out e-books. On Friday Larry was able to check out his first e-book. There are around 6400 books to choose from and the selection is not bad but no where near what is available at the actual library. We have been reading a series and while the library has the series it is not available via their e-book selection. There were other authors that Larry looked up that also were not available. We will be able to find books to read but they might not be the authors we prefer, now if you are into romance novels they seemed to have loads of them. There are also about 750 audio books and a few magazines.

To test the process Larry selected the first book he found that he thought he would like, it was a John Grisham book. This is where things got a bit confusing, once you find a book you then select the format (Epub, Overdrive or Kindle), since we have a Kindle and we can read Kindle books on our tablet Larry chose Kindle, he was then automatically forwarded to Amazon, it looked like he was purchasing the book but in actuality it downloaded without costing anything. He then had two weeks to read the book, after that the book automatically gets returned. After reading about 50 pages on the Kindle he opened the book via the tablet and it opened to where he had left off on the Kindle, very cool. He finished the book today and wanted to "return" it so it would be available for someone else. The return had to be done from Amazon, not from the website he checked it out from. Learning something new is always fun. Since some books we want are not available and since we just bought tons of books from the Library sale and it might be some time before we start using e-books but it certainly offers us a nice alternative. Larry likes reading via the Kindle, you can set the text size, even in bright sunlight it is perfectly clear and it keeps track of where you are. Ours does not have a back light so no reading in the dark.

Today it was overcast but we had no rain. We didn't have any errands to do in the morning so we hung around the house. We streamed a couple of GizWiz shows. Larry finished his e-book from the library and I worked on my puzzle. About two Larry and I headed to Speegleville for our Advance lessons with the TIPS club. Our lessons were a half hour later than normal and we had two squares. We didn't learn any new moves, the two hours were review of the 17 moves we have been introduced to. We had a fun afternoon reviewing. In the evening we watched our weekly shows on PBS, Call the Mid-Wife and Grantchester. We also watched Dr. Blake's Mysteries which is a detective serious. We had a very nice day.

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