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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4-25 Swimming, Yardwork and Dancing

Busy Day
Flo has been pestering us about going swimming for the last few days. We have been ignoring her but today we decided to take her for swim. Belton Lake is 9 feet over full so Temple Lake Park is closed due to being underwater. We were going to take her to Stillhouse Hollow Lake, which is about 15 miles from the house. We were driving through Belton when Larry said why don't we just take her to Nolan Creek. I said that's a great idea. We parked by the City Hall and walked down to the creek. She did a little exploring and eating some grass before getting wet. She swam for a little bit and tried to get out of the water but had a little trouble so Larry helped her. It didn't take her long to go back into the water. This time she swam down where she could just walk out. We were there about a half hour and Flo had a great time swimming. She really didn't want to get out of the water but we knew she was tired so we started to walk back to the car. She followed us. By the time she got to the car she was exhausted. Larry had to help her more than usual to get in. Before returning to the house we stopped by Home Depot and Walmart.

Flo swimming in Nolan Creek
Ducks floating down the creek
Nolan Creek
I'm so tired after my swim
Our house is surrounded by vacant lots and when we mow the edge of the yard sometimes it is very difficult and the mower gets stuck. Larry thought it would be a good idea to put some dirt down and grass seed to make it easier. He also wanted to fertilize the backyard where he had thrown grass seed the other day. We bought fertilizer at Home Depot and then we picked up five 40lbs bags of dirt from Walmart. When we got home Larry spread the dirt on the side of the house. After lunch he fertilized the backyard. I helped him with the dirt by carrying them to him. When he fertilized the yard I sat on the porch and watched.

Larry putting the Earthgro dirt down

Larry spreading the dirt with a rake
Larry fertilizing the new grass seed
Need more fertilizer
 In the evening we went to Sun City and danced with the Sundancers. It was the fourth Monday so they had a plus workshop a half hour before the dance. The move that Brad worked on was Linear Cycle from different positions. There were seven squares during the dance. This week Brad did a Hot Hash Plus tip at the end of the dance. After the Hot Hash tip Brad did an Advance tip with one square and an extra couple. We had another fantastic time dancing to Brad's calling.

Ruth Ann round dancing with Adam
Jody and Steve finishing up a round dance
Our friends dancing to Brad's calling during the Advance tip
Dancing the Advance tip
Brad calling the dance
Steve and Sherri getting ready to round dance


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