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Monday, April 4, 2016

4-3 Beautiful Sunday

We had another beautiful sunny day. In the afternoon we drove up to the Waco area and attended the TIPS Wise Guy (Gals) Dance. The first half hour we had an Advance workshop with two squares. The dance was two hours long and we had three squares. We enjoyed the dance and visiting with our square dancing friends. In the evening we watched last weeks episode of Grantchester. We streamed a 1998 movie called Waking Ned Devine, that starred Ian Bannen and David Kelly. It was a comedy about a lottery winner who dies and how his fellow townfolks work to claim his winning. It was a cute entertaining movie. Then we watched an episode of the third season of Newsroom. We had a relaxing evening. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!
Dale Smith calling the Wise Guys (Gals) Dance
Friends square dancing to Dale calling
More friends dancing to Dale


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