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Sunday, April 24, 2016

4-23 More Sunshine and Yardwork

Restaurant next to Nolan Creek
Getting ready to dive into Nolan Creek
Bridge by Yettie Polk Park
We had another gorgeous day. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. As we were driving around the other day we saw on an electronic billboard that West Temple Park was having a car show today so we decided we would go. Before leaving the house we loaded the truck with our aluminum cans for recycling and a couple of empty propane tanks. Flo has trouble climbing into the truck so she stayed at home. On the way to the recycling place in Temple we swung by West Temple Park to see what was going on. There were only a few cars at the show so we left. The next stop was Walmart to exchange the propane tanks. After getting the refills we went to the City of Temple Recycling Center. We were surprised there were workers to help with recycling your items. The Temple Animal Shelter is just across the street from the recycling center so we decided we would stop by but they were not open yet. Larry was reading the newspaper the other day and in the section about what's happening in Temple and Belton he saw a listing for Paws For Love Fest. He thought this might be fun. The festival was at Yettie Polk Park, it is one of the parks in Belton that run along Nolen Creek. There is a walkway along the creek so after we parked the truck we walked to the event. We were disappointed, there was suppose to be booths, games and food. We only saw a couple of dogs and we didn't see any booths or games. There were some people hanging around. We didn't see any reason to stop so we just continued walking the walkway next to the creek. We stopped at one point to watch the water flow down the creek. There was a gentleman wading in the creek. Then at one point he went underwater and let the current carry him a little ways. He was in no danger. On the way back he dove into the water and swam back across the creek. When he walked by us Larry asked him if the water was cold. He said it wasn't bad. On the way home we stopped by Ace Hardware to return some items we didn't need for the dryer project. Then we stopped at The UPS Store to get our mail. After getting the mail we headed home, once again we swung by West Temple Park and saw that the car show hadn't grown so we didn't stop. The last stop was at 7-11 to get gas for the lawn mower. When we got home Flo was waiting at the door for us. After saying hi we had lunch.

Berries growing by our property line
Larry spreading the grass seed in the yard
Larry mowing the yard
After lunch Larry decided he would mow the back section of the yard and distribute the grass seed we bought the other day. While Larry mowed I vacuumed the house and weedeated. After we were finished with the yard work I took a nap. We had a very nice day.

In the evening we watched one of the dvds we checked out at the Temple Library. It was Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It was a slow moving movie. I wasn't that impressed. After the movie Larry read while I worked on my puzzle.   

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