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Friday, April 22, 2016

4-21 Having fun

Sunny Day
Once again we woke up to drizzle and an overcast morning. Larry and I went to town about 10:30, we left Flo at home. I wasn't sure why but I soon found out. Larry surprised me by taking me to The Jungle Book, a new Disney movie starring Neel Sethi as the man cub Mowgli, Bill Murray as the bear Baloo and Ben Kingsley as the panther Bagheera. It was a cute view about a boy being raised by wolves in the forest. The graphics were outstanding. When we walked out of the theater we were blinded by the bright sun. We didn't go straight home instead we stopped at Chili's for lunch. Started off with their chips and salsa, the chips seemed to be very stale, I would doubt they were left over from last night since we didn't get there until about 1:00 but the waiter got us a fresh batch, they came out warm and crisp. Decided to have a hamburger and fries so we could make a comparison to Five Guys. Chili's burger was much better, it was thicker, juicy and had really good flavor, it came with fries, we got fewer fries than Five Guys but that was fine, we really don't want all the calories. It came served to us on real plates by a waiter and it cost less than Five Guys, of course we have to tip at Chili's so the final cost is probably higher but it is worth it. Our only complaint would be, too much salt, why do restaurants think you have to put so much salt on items? We had a very nice morning.

Going to the movies
Going to lunch
When we got home Flo met us at the door to say hi. We relaxed for a little while and then I worked out for a half hour. Afterwards Larry and I went outside to work in the yard. I mowed the yard and Larry weedeated. Flo kept us company. I also did laundry.
Doing laundry
 In the evening Larry rented a movie from Google Play called The Lady in the Van. It started Maggie Smith as the main character Miss Shepherd. It was a good picture. We had a fun day.

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