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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

4-12 Running Errands

We woke up this morning with a little drizzle but it didn't stop us from doing a couple of errands. After breakfast Larry and I loaded up our old washer and dryer in the bed of our truck to take them to storage. We want to keep the old washer and dryer around for a little while in case we have any problems with the new ones. Larry wants to practice towing the car behind the Minnie so while we were at our storage center we got the dolly. When we got back to the house we put the dolly in the garage. If we get any rain it's suppose to be out of here tomorrow so we may play with the dolly then. Larry's next home project is going to be plumbing the dryer permanently so I can use the steam cycles. He did a little research on items he would need, some of them we could get in town but others were cheaper online. He has some ideas on how he might do this project but he wanted to go to Home Depot to see what might work best. We loaded Flo into the car and off to town we went. We looked at plumbing stuff such as fixtures and tubing. There's a couple different tubes, he could use copper tubing or Pex tubing. By the time we left The Home Depot Larry still hadn't decided what type of tubing he wanted to use. Once he makes this decision he'll decide what fixtures he needed. We didn't leave the store empty handed, we bought a couple of quick disconnects for our garden hoses. The next stop was Auto Zone for a tool he needed but when he looked at the actual tool he found out it would not work for his application. He looked at another tool but decided not to buy it there considering he could buy the tool at Advance Auto Parts a lot cheaper. So after leaving Auto Zone we stopped at Advance and picked up the tool. Afterwards we went home.

After lunch Larry worked on how he was going to do the dryer project, I worked on my puzzle and Flo slept. About 2:00 I decided to take a nap for a couple of hours. In the evening we watched a documentary called Inequality For All. Robert Reich, who was the former Secretary of Labor of U.S. raises attention to how the country's economic gap is growing. It was very well done and informative. We had a very nice day.         

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