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Thursday, April 14, 2016

4-13 Dreary Day - Fun Without the Sun

Doing Laundry
Today was a bit dreary so we decided to hang around the house. Well. if we're going to hang around the house I might as well do laundry considering I didn't do it yesterday. I decided to experiment with different cycles and settings on the dryer just for fun. By not using the Eco mode I save about  half hour and the clothes were just as dry. When I dried the whites on the normal cycle they were completely dry. The last load I did was dress pants on the permanent press cycle, when they were finished I didn't like how they came out. I put them back in and ran the wrinkle away steam cycle for twenty minutes and they looked great. The jeans still came out damp but overall I really like how the new washer and dryer work. The interesting thing I found when I did the jeans on the permanent press cycle that as they were cooling down the dryer kicked into the Eco mode. While doing laundry I baked a loaf of bread, worked out on the Wii for an half hour and worked on my puzzle. Larry read and Flo slept. We had a relaxing day at home.

The loaf bread before it was cut
The loaf of bread after it was sliced
In the evening we went to Shirts 'n' Skirts club in Georgetown to attend their weekly dance. Jim Hayes  called the square dancing tips and Lucy Pate cued round dancing in between tips. While Lucy cued her husband Jerry danced. Jerry is a wonderful dancer and all the ladies love to dance with him. Jim had six squares and called a couple of plus tips. We enjoyed watching the round dancers. We had a lot of fun dancing to Jim and our friends.

Ann and Jerry enjoying round dancing to Lucy's cuing
Larry and Christina having fun square dancing to Jim
Larry having fun with friends
Christina, Charles, Larry and Kathy promenading home

Sue and Joe promenading home
Maureen, Ken, Vicki and Jim round dancing to Lucy cuing


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