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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9-9 60's Flower Power Dance

60's Bus

Today was a day where there were no workshops so the dancers could do what they wanted to do.  After breakfast Larry and I walked around the park to work off some of the food. Then Larry read, I played some Sudoku and Flo hung outside for a little bit. When it was time for lunch Larry and I walked over to the restaurant. While walking over there we met Mary Kaye and Bill, a couple from the Denver area and ate lunch with them. We danced with them last week and now this week. After lunch they invited us to play miniature golf with them. Larry decided to go back and read a book but I played golf with them. While we were playing Larry came by with Flo to see how things were going. We were almost finished so Larry and Flo didn't have to wait too long. I came in last place but I had a great time with them. 

Dan and Kathy Amburn from Florence
In the evening Larry and I went to the 60's Flower Power Dance, where the dancers dressed up in outfits from the 60's. It was a cool dance. There were seven squares and a lot of round dancers. The dancers were in charge of doing the skits for the after party. The dancers from Tool did a couple of skits and did a great job. Cindi and Gene Young did a couple of small skits. All the skits were super. Wade Driver and Brad Caldwell sang a couple of songs before the skits. The snack were cheese, crackers, celery, carrots and a dip, which was prepared by Cindi and Gene. The evening was a lot of fun. Below are a few pictures of some of our friends and new friends.

Right to left Jamie and Terry Pimm and friend from Sugarland
Paula and Brad Caldwell from Georgetown
Cheryl and Chuck Sherman, Paula and Brad Caldwell and Shirley and Jim Teegarden
Martha and Tony Burghart from Austin
John and Char Valkenaar from Austin
Morris and Ann Winkle from Round Rock

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