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Thursday, September 17, 2015

9-16 Durango State Trout Hatchery and Sky Ute Casino

Sky Ute Casino
Sky Ute Casino RV Park
The rain was gone and it's time to move on. As we were driving from Haviland Lake Campground back to Durango we had a pleasant surprise, a big black bear ran across the highway. He was too far away to get a picture and he was too fast but our car camera got a video of him. When we reviewed the video he looked like a black speck in the road. We have driven in this area before and never saw a bear so this was very exciting. A little way further down the road we saw a couple of does and a couple of fawns crossing the highway. I guess now that the rain was gone the wildlife decided it was time to do their thing. When we got to Durango we found the Durango State Trout Hatchery and Rearing Unit. Larry had read that there was a museum and indoor hatchery so we stopped in to see. The museum's doors were locked so we went next door. They told us that it was closed for the season but there were a few raceways outside we could look at, that's what we did. One side of the hatchery had young rainbow trout and a machine of food. Larry put a quarter in the machine and I got a handful of  food and fed the trout. They were used to being fed so they came right up to edge for the food. The other side of the hatchery had the full grown trout, where I also fed them. It was a small hatchery but was fun walking around and feeding the trout. We drove around Durango to find a place to park so we could walk through the shops in the historic downtown. We couldn't really find a good spot so we continued down the road.

The deer we saw walking across the highway

Feeding the young Rainbow trouts
Watching the grown ups trout eat
The young trout
You know no matter how many years you're with someone it's still amazing when they can still surprise you. Larry and I had discussed staying at Durango Fairgrounds so we could take a shower. I was prepared to do just that but instead we kept driving down the road. Larry knows I like to gamble  so he decided that he would take me to Sky Ute Casino. We knew that the casino had a very nice RV Park, he surprised me by doing this, it was a great surprise. The RV Park was super. There was a grassy area to walk pets, a walkway that went to the casino and around it, you could use the pool and spa and there was a workout room. The pool was only 3f t6in deep but was cool to swim in, it was like the people movers at the water parks. The spa was 3ft deep but very warm. On the wall there were two controls, one was to control the jets in the spa and the other one was for the jets in the pool. Larry and I decided to check the pool and spa out. It felt so good to swim in the pool and sit in the spa. I gambled for about five hours in two different times and only gave the casino $1. I think that's really good. While I gambled Larry read a book and kept Flo company. I had a great time gambling.

A statue on the side of  Sky Ute Casino
Sky Ute Casino's spa

The swimming pool we enjoyed
Some of the workout equipment at Sky Ute Casino


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