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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9-1 Another Great Day of Dancing

Bear Miller and Brad Caldwell

Today we had another great day at Fun Valley. We started out with a wonderful breakfast and then there was a special activity for the dancers to participate in called fishing for your super. Larry and I aren't fishermen so we did not participate but others had a great time. The morning dance workshop was really good. Brad worked us on improving some of our plus skills and showing us many different looks at specific calls.

During lunch we visited with Brad, Bear and another couple. We had a very interesting visit about square dancing and how Brad and Bear call. In the afternoon Brad took some of the dancers to Creede Firehouse to dance and the ones that decided to stay behind Bear had an afternoon workshop. We stayed and attended the workshop. Bear was outstanding, we had terrific dancers and we were able to work on really cool stuff. We did a six couple square tip, worked on some dance by definition (dbd) stuff and learned eight ball. Eight Ball is where all the dancers move one position to their right. Sometimes the ladies are men and the men are ladies, this can be very confusing but a lot of fun. Everyone that were there said they had a super time.

After the afternoon workshop we had a couple of hours to spend with Flo. We took her for a walk and we took showers. It was a beautiful day and Flo had been cooped up in the Minnie so I sat outside with her for a little while. Then Larry and I went to dinner. While we were in line a couple we did the workshop with told Brad what we did and how much fun we had. 

Round Dancing
Brad, Paula and Betty Round Dancing
In the evening we had a great dance. There were five squares and a lot of round dancers. The squares we were in were very good. During one of the round dancing tips Brad danced with his wife Paula and Betty. We have seen him do this before but it was still amazing to watch. Some of the moves he had to turn the ladies so he had to lift each arm for the ladies to turn under. He is a super round dancer. The after party was very entertaining. The staff did a couple of skits and the snack tonight was fruit (strawberries, apples, water melon and bananas) and a cobbler. We had another great day of dancing.     

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