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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

9-7 Black and White Dance

Black and White Dance & Red, White and Blue Dance
The schedule this week at Fun Valley is the sames as last week except that the horse races will be three days and we have to share the races with a chili cook over event. This morning we attended a 90 minute workshop. There were enough people at the workshop for three squares. Brad and Wade introduced the people that attended the workshop to a made up call called Patch, where you hinged and then the caller designate which dancer will turn back. It was fun but some people were struggling with it. They told us that they were going to call Patch during the dance in the evening. The afternoon workshop was an hour long doing the same moves as in the morning. We attended the workshop just in case they needed us to complete a square and they did, we filled out a third square. After the workshop in the afternoon I took Flo for a walk and she went swimming in the pond. She had a great time swimming and we stopped and visited with Paula Caldwell. 

Dan and Kathy Amburn round dancing
Round Dancing during the Black and White Dance
The dance tonight had a theme Black and White, where dancers wore black and white. It was Labor Day so Brad told us if we had brought red, white and blue they could wear that. Most of the dancers tonight wore square dancing attire. There was a lot of beautiful outfits. I didn't count how many squares we had but it looked like there was just as many as last night. There were a lot of round dancers. We had a great time. The after party again was a couple of skits. Before the skits while people were getting their snacks Brad sang a couple of songs. The snacks that were served tonight were hot dogs and the fixing including chili, potato chips, corn chips and water and sodas. One skit was a beauty saloon where Brad played the hairdresser and Lucy and Jerry were his clients. The skit had two parts, between each part Kathy walked in front of the audience with a sign that said Time Passes. It was very funny. The second skit was on ladies stockings and Wade, Brad, Lucy, Jerry and Paula all had a part in it. This also was very funny. Who ever wrote the skits did a great job.    


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