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Saturday, September 19, 2015

9-18 Hiking at Vallecito Campground

Hiking at Vallecito
Hiking at Vallecito

We started the fourth week of our trip and it doesn’t seem like it. We woke up this morning with the temperature in the 40’s. I stayed in bed while Larry took Flo for a walk. When they returned Larry turned on the furnace just to get the chill out of the air and to get me out of bed. We had breakfast and then we went on our hike. Flo used to hike with us but the years are have really slowed her down and she simply can’t do it. We hiked for three hours, about four miles round trip. We hoped to hike three miles up to the a bridge but with the elevation we only hiked about two miles before turning around. The trail was very nice and challenging, it took us up to 8600 feet in elevation and we had to hike over rocks, what would you expect we’re in the mountains. As we hiked we heard and at times saw a beautiful mountain stream. The hike was very peaceful and picturesque. We saw a few people on our hike. We had a spectacular hike in the mountains. When we got back we went to our chairs and relaxed.

Hiking at Vallecito-001
Larry hiking the trail

Hiking at Vallecito-004
One of the vistas we saw during our hike

Hiking at Vallecito-006
The mountain stream that ran along the trail

Hiking at Vallecito-008
Hiking the trail

We relaxed all afternoon. Larry and I took a little nap. Larry read, I worked on some dot-to-dots and started a new book. Flo slept and sunned when we were outside.

Hiking at Vallecito-012

We have some old bread so I threw a couple pieces out for the birds to eat. I didn’t see any birds eat any of it but I did catch a chipmunk and I told Larry. We were surprised that the chipmunk really enjoyed the bread. In fact he enjoyed it so much he came back for more. When it was time for dinner Larry barbecued some seasoned chicken quarters and Flo and I kept him company. After dinner Larry and I went for a walk. We walked to the trail parking lot and took the trail around the campground. When we got back we took Flo for a walk. While walking Flo we talked to the camp hosts who just happen to be square dancers from Texas and dance at some of the same places we have. We had a super day at Vallecito Campground. Life Is Good!!!!!

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