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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8-31 Learning Something New

Larry and Bear Miller
Yesterday during dinner the round dance cuer (Anne) asked if anyone was interested in learning round dancing. She said if she could get five couples she would do an introduction to round dancing for the workshop today, Larry raised his hand to make the fifth couple. Ever since we got into square dancing people have been trying to get us to round dance so when Larry raised his hand our friends were excited about it. This morning at 9:00 we went to the square dancing hall and had a beginners workshop for an hour and a half. We were introduced to seven basic moves, way too much thrown at us in one session but we did have fun.

After the round dance workshop we stayed for the square dance workshop, which only had two squares. This was a little disappointing but we went over some moves people were having problems with. The workshop was a lot of fun.

Flo and Larry walking over a wooden bridge
Flo rolling in the grass during her walk
The afternoon square dancing workshop didn't start until 2:30 so we had a couple of hours to spend with Flo. We walked her around the park before we went over and had lunch. The workshop only had one square but we did learn how to do a few more moves in different positions. 

Advance Square Dancing Workshop
Round Dancing during the dance
In the evening we had a dance, the theme was mustaches. I didn't have a mustache so I wore one of theirs. The guidelines say the only dance that you need to dress up for is Friday night so we were dressed casual but when we showed up a lot of the dancers were all dressed up so tomorrow we will dress up. There were six squares tonight and a lot of round dancers. We had another super night of dancing. After the dance they had a after party where the staff did a couple of short skits and served hot dogs and Frito corn chips as a snack.         

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