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Friday, September 4, 2015

9-4 Closing Day Activities and Dance

What a wonderful day!!! This morning we had fun playing games. Last night at the dance they needed another lady to compete in miniature golf so Larry held up my hand and volunteered me, now I had to find a caddie, we met so many new people this week that I really like but I narrowed it down and asked Wanda, she happily agreed. We found her some clothes to wear in the dance hall. The caddie does not carry clubs, they are responsible for distracting the other golfers when they were up to hit their ball. The game was nine holes of miniature golf. The ladies had the first nine holes of the course and the men had the last nine holes of the course. Larry took pictures while I played golf. Everyone had a magnificent time and spent the time joking around and laughing. The winners will be announced tonight at the after party. The next game was the horseshoe finals. It was fun watching the two teams throwing the horseshoes. The next activity was the ladies Polish horseshoe competition, which I was in. There were four teams of two playing Polish horseshoe so one pair of teams used one set of bars and the other pair used another set of bars. The two teams that won moved up to the final. The object is to get exactly 21 points, if you went over 21 then points were deducted from your score.  My teammate was Betty and we won the final game. When the Polish horseshoe finals were over we had the paddle boat finals. We had a lot of fun watching the paddle boat finals. The morning was a lot of fun.

All the golfers and caddies together
Morris, Jamie, Wanda (my caddie) and me
getting ready to putt
Betty all dressed up in her caddie outfit
throwing a Polish horseshoe
My teammate Betty throwing a Polish horseshoe
getting ready to start the paddle boat finals
Trying to paddle a straight course
 In the afternoon we had a great workshop with Brad and Bear. Our workshop was an hour long and was no stop dancing with five couples. It was a four couple square where the fifth couple rotated in and another couple rotated out of the square. We danced for 30 minutes straight when Brad and Bear decided to let us rest. This was a lot of fun. During our break another couple showed up so we did a six couple square singing call.

One of the gorgeous outfits this couple wore at the dances
Dan and Kathy Amburn from Florence TX
Receiving my trophy for winning the Polish Horseshoe
 The dance this evening was the last dance for the week and many of the dancers are leaving. It's sad to see them go but some of them have to go to work. There were five squares and many round dancers and the theme tonight was Hit Parade. Brad and Bear made a list of 40 top songs and the dancers voted on the songs. The top six songs were the songs Brad and Bear used during the dance tonight. The dancers were requested to wear square dancing attire and they did. We had a super time. The after party was an award ceremony where trophies were given out to the winners of the games. During the ceremony Brad and Bear joked around. Today we celebrated one birthday (our friend Sharon) and a 50th Anniversary, our snack tonight was ice cream and cake.   

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