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Sunday, September 13, 2015

9-12 Saying Good-bye

We spent two fabulous weeks at Fun Valley Family Resort. During our stay we attended 11 workshops, 12 dances, played games and met new folks and got to know other folks we dance with. We danced with three different callers Brad Caldwell, Bear Miller and Wade Driver. We listened to three cuers for the round dances: Annie Dammier, Lucy and Jerry Pate. We had three big meals a day. The activities that were available in our package were miniature golf, horse shoes and Polish horse shoes. Thursday morning of each week we had fun competitions to win a trophy for men’s and women’s miniature golf, horse shoes, Polish horse shoes and paddle boat races. There was an after party after each dance and the entertainment was funny and well performed by the staff and dancers. The hosts of the square dances Cindi and Gene Young were outstanding and a lot of fun. We had so much fun that we plan to go back next year

Big Meadow Campground-010  
Big Meadow Campground

This morning we went to the good-bye breakfast and said good-bye to our new friends and other friends before we left Fun Valley. While we were at Fun Valley on Tuesday afternoons Brad would take a group of people to Creede Firehouse to square dance. We stayed behind to attend the workshop because we didn’t have a tow vehicle and didn’t want to intrude on others. Everyone told us we should go to Creede so we stopped by Creede to see what the excitement was all about. Creede is an old mining town with shops, art galleries and restaurants. We drove by the Firehouse and discovered what the excitement was about. The Firehouse was where the old mine use to be. It's built in the side of the mountain. Larry parked the Minnie and then we walked through the shops. The shops were cute and there was one that had a magnificent staircase built out of logs.

Big Meadow Campground-002Big Meadow Campground-003Big Meadow Campground-004Big Meadow Campground-009

After our visit to Creede we drove back to South Fork to the Rio Grande Forest to Big Meadow Campground. The campground was down a four mile gravel road but it was well worth it. Once we setup the Minnie for the night we hung around our site and relaxed. We had a site that had a great view of the lake. We setup our chairs and  read, in the shade it was cool but when you got in the sun it was almost hot. When dinnertime came around Larry barbecued some Cowboy burgers. Flo and I kept him company. After dinner we took Flo for a walk and then we went for a longer walk. We walked around the campground to the waterfall, which is the overflow of the dam. We walked about two miles. We saw families fishing in the reservoir and saw three guys riding horses on the hiking trail. The horses had big packs on their back. This was a pleasant surprise. We had great walk. When we got back to our site we let Flo out and we sat on our chairs and relaxed until it started to get dark. We had a wonderful day.

I almost forgot to say today was a special day for Flo. She turned 12 years old. Happy Birthday Flo.                  

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