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Thursday, September 3, 2015

9-2 Free Day From Square Dance Workshops

Playing Miniature Golf
Wow, we had a super day!!! Today's schedule was laid back, no square dancing workshops, Annie had a round dance workshop but Larry and I aren't round dancers. Larry started the day by taking Flo for a walk, then we went over and had breakfast. We have met a lot of wonderful people not only to dance with but also to socialize with. Most of the people here paid for the package that includes meals so all of us show up around the same time to eat and we get the opportunity to sit and visit with the folks we dance with, this has been terrific. After breakfast we played a round of miniature golf. It has been years since we played and we had a lot of fun. Then we walked through the gift shop and around the park. While we were walking around we saw beautiful chain saw carvings. We walked around for a couple of hours. The facility is gorgeous. When we got back to Flo she was happy to see us. After saying hi to her I took her for a walk. 

Larry standing on a bridge that goes over the river.

One of the carvings on the grounds
Playing miniature golf
In the afternoon we hung around the Minnie and relaxed until it was time for the evening dance, which had the Wild Wild West theme. People were dressed as sheriffs, Miss Kitty from Gun Smoke, saloon ladies and men from the Wild Wild West era. Larry and I wore our Southwestern outfits. There were five squares and a lot of round dancers. We had a ball dancing. The after dance party was great. Today the square dancers were putting on the skits. They had two skits, one about a restaurant that will serve what you want and the other one was about a hamburger cafe. The dancers did a super job. There was a third skit, which was put on by Brad, Annie and her husband Carl. All three skits were funny and very entertaining. Great Day!!!!!  
Annie cuing the round dances
One of the dancers Wild Wild West outfit
The restaurant skit being performed by dancers
Square dancing A moves

Brad and Paula enjoying round dancing

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