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Friday, September 4, 2015

9-3 Eat, Dance, Play and have Fun!!!


Having Fun
We are having so much fun at Fun Valley. They serve you three home cooked meals a day buffet style. The food has been excellent and it would be really easy to over eat, we are trying hard to limit how much we eat and are doing a pretty good job of it.

Today we had a super workshop with Bear and Brad. We spent half of the workshop with six couple squares in a hexagon, where you have three head couples and three side couples, this was a lot of fun. You really have to think about where you need to be. The second half was DBD, where you were put in different positions that you're not used to being in, we actually do quite a bit of DBD so this was not as difficult for us as for others. Bear did the hexagon portion and Brad did the DBD portion.

Mike and Sharon in the Paddle Boat Preliminary Race
The horses lined up at the gate

The booth where you place your bets

Betty cheering on the horse she owns
Jockeys on their horses at the gate
While at Fun Valley we didn't just square dance there were other activities. Yesterday we played miniature golf. After the workshops this morning there was a paddle boat preliminary race. It was fun watching the race. This afternoon we had horse racing, this was a blast. There were six horses. It cost $3 dollars to be an owner for each horse. The owners had to hire a jockey, I was a jockey in two races. Then you could bet on the horses for $1. At the end of each race the owner of the horse that won would get the $18 dollars that was taken in on selling the horses. The people that bet on the winning horse got their payback. The first race I bet $1 dollar and won $8 dollars. It was a lot of fun and we were glad we went. This morning during our workshop I signed Betty and me up to compete in Polish horseshoes so after the races we met to practice. I have never played Polish horseshoes so we had a great time.

Doing the twist during the After Party

In the evening we went dancing. The dance started out with five squares and round dancers. We had great squares all night. The after party was outstanding. Brad entertained the crowd by singing songs doing imitations of other singers (Sanatra, Elvis, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson), he is really good at it and while we have heard him do this before he is so talented that you never get bored with it. Bear did a fantastic job at singing Cats in the Cradle. After Brad and Bear sang they played songs so the dancers could dance to them. We had a fun time at the dance.

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