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Sunday, September 27, 2015

9-26 Funny Hat Dance

Funny Hat DAnce
Funny Hats Dance

Wow!!! We have had three fabulous days of dancing at The Red River Aspencade Plus Dances. We have met a lot of wonderful folks. Today was the last day of the event. We started out this morning just hang around the Minnie. We took Flo for a walk around the Red River RV Park. After lunch we went to a Funny Hat Dance, where most of the dancers wore hats and if you didn’t have one someone gave you one. It was a very fun dance even the callers wore a hat. Hunter Keller wore a chicken hat while Jerry Galbraith wore a jester hat. One couple wore a chili hat and the lady had a hard time keeping hers on because it was too big for her. I wore a pizza hat. We had four squares. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Funny Hat Dance 
Wearing the pizza hat

Funny Hat Dance-013 
Hunter Keller and Jerry Galbraith

While Hunter Keller called a couple of tips for the advance dancers Larry and I walked around Red River. We walked through a few shops and through the Folk Festival arts and crafts booths in the convention center. Red River is a small tourist town with shops, cafes, hotels and saloons. The town was set up like an old western town with a lot of cool buildings.

Red River-005
Texas Reds Steakhouse and The Lodge

Red River-010 
The Community House where we danced the last three days

Red River-007 
A cool door we saw on a real estate company

In the evening went to the closing dance. We had five squares and a lot of round dancers. They served root beer floats and some snacks, cookies, celery, carrots, tortilla chips, salsa and dip. We had a super time. We hated to say good-bye to all the new folks we met. They all said they hope we will come back next year. Both Hunter Keller and Jerry Galbraith are excellent callers. Sally and Bob Nolen did a great job with the rounds. Life Is Good!!!!!!!

Closing Dance -001
Round Dancing to Sally cueing

Closing Dance -002 
Some of the beautiful outfits the dressers wore

Closing Dance -005 
Sally Nolen cueing

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