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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Friday 2-2-24 Dancing, Games & Having Fun


Doing the happy dance

Today was an overcast day. The low was 58 degrees and it got up to 65 degrees. There was a breeze out of the south. In the evening the rain came in.

I did the Daily Challenges of Solitaire and Mahjong. The event was Event: Easy Street Mini of 5 games. It took me 7 minutes and 13 seconds, which put me in 11th place in my group. Then I moved onto playing Angry Birds.

Angry Birds

I worked out for a half hour with the Wii Fit and a half hour with Gold's Gym.

Working out

Larry worked on the pinball cabinet. He downloaded and installed two new games (Fish Tales and Big Buck Hunter). Fish Tales is a fishing game. Big Buck Hunter is a hunting game, where you hunt bucks, elk and fowl. If you hit the doe you don't get any points. We both played the games and had a great time. When I played Big Buck Hunter I was Grand Champion with the score of 30,646,720. Then Larry played and knocked me out of Grand Champion position. I don't remember what his score was.

Big Buck Hunter

Fish Tales

I also played the weekly challenge of No Fear Dangerous Sports. We had fun playing pinball today.

No Fear

In the evening I attended Ett McAtee's Weekly A2 at 6:30 for an hour and fifteen minutes. She played with a C2 concept called "Crazy". It a fun move. You're in a full square it depends on if the caller calls 1/2 Crazy, 1/4 Crazy, 3/4 Crazy or full what to do. If you do 1/2 Crazy the dancers do the move starting with the side couples and then the dancers doing it in the middle of the square. If you do Reverse Crazy you start the call in the middle and then do it with the side couple. Ett called 5 tips to 15 participants. I had a super time. I told the group that I wouldn't be at the dance next week because I would be on a cruise. The dancers and Ett told me I would have a great time.

After the dance we watched Northern Exposure. Then I watched an episode of A Touch Of Frost. I ended up doing 17,500 steps, which put me in 5th place in my group.

This will be my last post for about 9 days because I will be on a Square Dancing Cruise and will not have internet.


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