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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Monday 4-6 Won Weekly Step Challenge

Smile and Be Happy

We had another cool overcast day. The temperature got into the low 70's.

Larry spent most of the day reading. I napped a few hours. When I woke up I did my daily Solitaire challenges and The Event: Experts only Mini of 5 games. When I went to bed I was in 17th place in my group, it took me 1 hour, 23 minutes and 11 seconds.

We have a wet weather creek that runs on the back of our backyard, it is normally dry but when we get substantial rain it will run. When our neighbor behind us built his house he filled in the creek and planted grass, he also built a fence through where the creek used to be. Now there is an area of his yard and a corner of ours that remains wet all the time. For the last two days the neighbor has been digging a trench along the fence, he is going to put a drainage pipe in to drain the extra water. He hopes this will solve the problem, so do we.

Last week I came in first place in my Garmin 125K Step Challenge. Today I need 20,000 steps.

In the evening we finished watching the 18th season of Midsomer Murders. Then I finished watching the first season of Single-Handed and started the second season. So far I like the series, too bad it only was for two seasons. 

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