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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Monday 4-20 Washing the Minnie

Hope everyone had a great Monday

We had a super day with a lot of sunshine. It got into the high 70's.

The Minnie has been in the driveway for awhile and it's time to put it back into storage. Before doing that we needed to wash it, it's filthy. We spent the morning washing it. I mean Larry washed it and I dried it off. He started by climbing on the roof and scrubbing it with soap and then rinsed it off. Then he continued washing the rest of the Minnie. While I finished drying it Larry washed the wheels. It took almost three hours to wash the Minnie. Now, it's all clean, we will put it back inside our storage unit.

Spraying off the front of the Minnie

Washing the front of the Minnie

Scrubbing the roof of the Minnie

After lunch we took the Minnie to storage. When we got home Larry read and I worked on my puzzle.

For dinner I barbecued some seasoned pork from HEB. In the evening we finished watching the first season of Eureka and started the second season. While watching Eureka we saw a beautiful hawk fly by the back window of the house. Then I finished watching the first season of Chuck and started the second season. I did my daily challenges. I did 25,000 steps. Last week I came in second place in my 125K challenge group. I came in third place for today.  

The hawk we saw

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