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Friday, August 19, 2016

8/18 Finally Finished

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Jig Saw Puzzle
We had another rainy day. In the morning we loaded Flo into the car and went to town. While in town we did our weekly grocery shopping and then we swung by The UPS Store one more time because one page of Larry's will did not get scanned. The page was successfully sent to us this time. When we got home I put the groceries away and then made lunch. After lunch I worked on my puzzle and I finally finished it. I started working on Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria made by Buffalo June 28th. I didn't work on it constantly that's why it took so long. While building the puzzle I also read a couple of books written by Harlan Coben (Seconds Away and Missing You) and a series of books written by Taylor Stevens. The books were very good. I watched the Olympics the last couple of weeks and only worked on it an hour or so a day. After finishing the puzzle I worked out for 30 minutes with Gold Gym.

Neuschwanstein Castle 2000 pieces ready to be assemble
How far I got by 6/29/16
How far i got by 6/30/16
The finished puzzle today
 In the evening we watched YouTube videos and The Olympics. After the Olympics I played computer games and started reading Remember Ben Clayton written by Stephen Harrigan. Last month I started playing daily challenges of Microsoft Solitaire Collection. It's a lot of fun. At times it's more challenging than just playing the games individually. 

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