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Monday, August 29, 2016

8-28 Back on the Lake

Going to the lake
What a beautiful day we had! Larry looked at the weather and decided today would be a good day to go to the lake. We haven't been boating in over two weeks. The weather simply would not cooperate, it either had wind, rain or both, we were so ready to go. After getting the boat ready I gave Flo a snack and said good-bye. When we got to Rogers Park the parking lot was almost full but it didn't stop us from launching the boat. There was a breeze out of the east so when I picked up Larry at the dock I had to go to the left. When he was on board he told me there was only one more parking space left for boats. With the breeze the lake wasn't ideal for water skiing but it was ok for boating around and floating. When we did decide to get into the lake we discovered the cooler weather and rain had dropped the water temperature a bit so when we first got in the water it was a little cool. We were on the lake for an hour. After backing the boat in the garage and putting our life vests out to dry we went inside and changed clothes. The other day when I mowed I only did half of the front yard so I finished it up. While I mowed Larry weedeated and blew out the garage, driveway and the lawn mower when I finished. I didn't realize Larry had weedeated so I got the weedeater out and redid his work. He looked at me and said you didn't like my work. I looked at him like he had two heads. Then he told me that he had already weedeated. After we finished up outside we went inside and had lunch.

We hung around the house the rest of the day. I worked on my puzzle and vacuumed the house. Larry read and Flo slept. We watched the GizWiz weekly show and YouTube videos. In the evening we watched Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation, it was a good action movie. I also slow cooked some more pulled pork in root beer and liquid smoke. This time I used the whole bottle of liquid smoke and you can really taste the smoke, I think it is better. Tomorrow we'll have the pulled pork for lunch or dinner. We had a very grand day.  

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