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Friday, August 26, 2016

8-25 More Irrigation and Other Stuff

Different Chores
Today was the third day of working on the irrigation system. Larry went outside early to try and remove the hugh rock from yesterday, the more he worked to remove the rock the bigger it became. He decided to stop and work on the next sprinkler he wanted to move. He was able to dig the hole to allow it to be moved inward and shifted to the left about a foot, this will relocate it where it should be and he believes he can now shift the one by the rock left a foot and get past the rock. While Larry worked on the sprinklers I mowed the backyard and half of the frontyard. It took me an hour and a half. When I finished mowing I was going to do a little edging but Larry decided to do it instead. Then we loaded Flo into the car and off to The Home Depot we went for a few more plastic pipe connectors. When we got home it was getting hot but there was shade where he had dug the new hole so he decided to finish up relocating that sprinkler. When he finished the assembly I helped him cover up the plumbing. Tomorrow we will work on trying to relocate the sprinkler next to the huge rock. 

The rock is growing
Larry assembling the plumbing on the sprinkler
The finished piping and sprinkler
The finished product

Grocery Shopping
I wanted to go grocery shopping today but Larry really didn't want to, he is a bit sore and tired from doing all the digging and hammering out rocks. I told him he could stay home and I would go by myself. He said I would get lost (I actually know the way), later in the afternoon he changed clothes and we went to HEB to do our weekly shopping. After going shopping we swung by The UPS Store to get our mail. Once I put the groceries away I worked on my puzzle and Larry did some reading. While shopping we picked up something different to try for dinner called Hatch Chili Chicken Empanadas. They sounded better than they were. HEB Creamy Creations Ice Cream was on sale so we picked up a couple half gallons (Buttered Pecan and Birthday Cake).
Watching television
In the evening we watched YouTube videos and a couple of shows on Amazon. The first show was a movie called Bicycle, it was about the history of the bicycle and why people ride bicycles in Great Britain. It was a good flick and well done. The second show was a documentary called Tomorrow Comes, it was also a documentary, it was about five brothers that return to Mexico fifty years after their missionary parents had died there in a plane crash. The brothers reflected on the memories of their parents.

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