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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

8-2 It's Hot!!!

It's hot
Today at our house the temperature was 102 degrees. Once again we went to the Lake Stillhouse Hollow, the wind wasn't bad when we arrived but did pick up while we were getting ready to Air Chair so we floated in the boat for about an hour before heading back to the dock. When we got near the dock we saw a fisherman struggling to get his boat on the trailer due to the wind. He tried a few times and when Larry backed our trailer down the ramp he helped the guy. I was going good and had the boat lined up to go on the trailer until I put it in gear to get it a little more power. Then the wind pushed to to the right so I had to put it in reverse. The boat was crooked so Larry had to wade into the water once again. On the way out of the park Larry saw a deer standing under a tree, it was probably trying to keep cool, couldn't blame it considering it was already getting hot.

We got an e-mail from KLRU (the Austin PBS station) that said because we donated money to them we were eligible to have more programs available to us on line. Larry checked it out and found out they had added some full season episodes of our weekly shows instead of just the last two episodes and some shows that were not available before have been added. This was a nice surprise to us. We donated to KLRU for years while we lived in Austin and figured we would begin donating to the local Belton PBS station when we moved here but we found we did not like their programming as much as KLRU and since we can still view KLRU via our antenna we continue to watch it and subsequently we continue to donate to them.

In the evening we watched our weekly shows Dancing on the Edge and Tunnel. After the shows I read until it was time to go to bed.

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