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Thursday, August 25, 2016

8-24 Time for a New Puzzle

Good-bye Neuschwanstein Castle
What puzzle should I do next?
Hello Tropical Paradise
I finished reading Remember Ben Clayton yesterday. I enjoyed reading the novel but I'm going to take a breather from reading. A week ago I finished the last jig saw puzzle we had at the house so when we were at Walmart we looked at the puzzles. While looking at them we came across a couple of 2000 piece new Buffalo puzzles (Tropical Paradise and Kim Norlien Country Music). I didn't want to make a decision so we bought them both. Today when I decided to start a puzzle I had to make a decision. If you know me you know I don't like to make decisions. So I asked Larry which one should I do, he said Tropical Paradise. So this afternoon I started the puzzle. I'm so excited.

A hugh rock
How am I going to remove the rock?
Here I go
We woke up to a beautiful day. After breakfast Larry decided to work on another sprinkler head, he needs to move this one back on our side of the property line. He started digging the trench to relocate it. It was going pretty well until he hit a rock. He had wondered why the irrigation company that installed the system had put the head where they did, it was because of the rock. Instead of digging the rock out they ran the pipe over the rock and put the head on the empty lot next door. He needed to dig deep enough for a 6" sprinkler. He worked for hours trying to get the rock out, finally he was so exhausted he decided to call it a day, it was also getting hot. While he was working on removing the rock I put the dirt we bought around the side sprinklers and in the ditch. I used six bags of dirt. We worked outside all morning.

The rest of the day we hung around the house. Larry read and I started a puzzle. In the evening we watched YouTube videos on RV Living and a documentary on Amazon called 20,000 Miles on a Horse. The documentary was about two guys that did a five and a half year journey from the southern tip of Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. It was a good documentary. We had a great day.     

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