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Thursday, August 18, 2016

8-17 It's True

Crispy Bacon
A couple of weeks ago when we were going to A1 lessons with Louis, he was telling a story about one of his sons burning bacon in a microwave. I thought there was no way to do so considering the package tells you how long to cook it, well, I was wrong. Today I microwaved bacon for lunch and I burned the first batch, I cooked it for five minutes which was the amount of time I usually cook a batch. The bacon was burnt but it was still edible. The second batch I cooked for four minutes at half power, it came out perfect.

It was another rainy day. The only time we left the house was for my dentist appointment. In February my dentist filled a cavity that was located on my upper back tooth at the gum line. When I went for my cleaning the hygienist saw that it was rough so she took a x ray. The dentist found that part of the filling fell out so this morning he refilled it. He said that he used a different material this time and hopefully this will do the trick, it didn't cost us anything. He said he wasn't going to turn it into my insurance because the tooth was still under warranty. On the way home we stopped by The UPS Store to get them to re-scan our wills, something went wrong yesterday, we didn't receive all the pages and other pages were duplicated. They said they were sorry about the inconvenience. Afterwards we went back home.

After lunch I laid down for a couple of hours. While I was napping Larry read and took care of Flo. When I woke up I worked out for a half hour on Just Dance 2016. For the rest of the day Larry read, I worked on my jigsaw and Flo slept. We watched YouTube videos and The Olympics. We had another wet day.       

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