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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wednesday 10-9 Trail End Dance

Beautiful day for camping

Another gorgeous sunny day. We spent the day hanging around the Minnie. We read and studied taminations. Darryl Lipscomb and Jack Pladdys had a Trail End Dance tonight and we wanted to study the C1 moves. We're still learning.

While relaxing we took a short walk around the campground. As we walked we saw a crane standing in the lake and a few turtles sunning. Winton Woods is a beautiful campground with a lot of pine trees throughout the park. A lot of people left this morning and others showed up.

Camping at Winton Woods Campground

A crane perched on a tree enjoying the sun

A couple turtles sunning

Winton Lake

In the evening we rode the motorcycle to Greenhills Presbyterian Church, which was a little over a mile away from Winton Park. Darryl Lipscomb and Jack Pladdys called a three and a half hour dance. It was called 2019 Fall Into the Heartland Trail End Dance. It started with an hour long C1 dance and then two and a half hours of A2. For the C1 Dance there were three and a half squares of dancers. For the A2 Dance there were seven squares and an extra couple. We danced the hour long C1 session and over an hour of the A2. We had a super time dancing with the local dancers and to Darryl Lipscomb and Jack Pladdys.

Decah Lipscomb having fun dancing with friends

Darryl and Jack visiting in between tips

The dance line up for the A2 dance

Myrna having fun dancing with friends

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