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Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday 10-6 Laid Back Day

Laid back day

Well, we didn't do too much today. It rained a bit during the night and into the early morning. The temperature wasn't as cold as the night before so we didn't even turn on our 3 Wave heater.

We arrived at Caesar Creek State Park around 12:30. The gentleman at the gate said checkout wasn't until 1:00 but we could ride around to find a site. He also said once we found a site to put something on the site and come back to the office. Loop A is the only loop that works on first come first serve. It has 35 power sites. We figured we wouldn't have a problem finding a site because it's Sunday and people would be leaving. We found a site right by the bathroom and went back to pay for a couple of nights. Larry parked and walked over to check us in, when he came back he surprised me with a bowl of ice cream, Death By Chocolate. It was chocolate ice cream with hunks of dark chocolate and marshmallow. It was a big scoop so Larry and I shared it. It was very good.

When we got back to the site we setup the Minnie. I'm so excited we have power and I can charge everything up and play my games. We spent the afternoon and evening reading. 

Enjoying a good book

For dinner we tried something new. Yesterday, when we went to Walmart we picked up a Flat Bread Pepperoni Pizza from the deli. It reminded me of a Toni's frozen pizza. It was very thin but it was good. I think this is the first pizza we have bought in two years. It's always nice to try something new. After dinner we walked around the campground for about 45 minutes. We took our umbrella with us because it was starting to sprinkle. When we got back the sprinkling stopped but the actual rain came in around 8:00 and it was still raining when I went to bed. We had a very laid back Sunday.

Pepperoni Flat Bread Pizza


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