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Monday, October 14, 2019

Sunday 10-13 Heading Home

Long day of driving

We had an outstanding weekend of dancing, We met new friends and visited with old ones. The dancers were great and a lot of fun. Now it's time to move on. We should be home next Sunday.

To get an early start we woke up around 5:30, the sun wasn't even up. We put things away and instead of making breakfast we stopped across the street at Dunkin Donuts. Today we drove mainly interstates for 430 miles. We drove through Cincinnati Ohio and over the river into Kentucky, we drove all the way through Kentucky, a bit of Tennessee and finally we were in Missouri. We stopped at the Lady Luck Casino for the night. As we were driving we saw a few deer and a lot of dead animals, raccoons, a fox, skunks and a couple a deer. The drive was very nice. I slept most of the way because 5:30 is way too early for me. During our drive the time changed back to central time so we gained an hour (that means I really got up at 4:30, no wonder I slept so much). Larry drove for about nine hours.

Missouri Welcome sign

The bridge over the Mississippi River

After setting up the Minnie I went over to the casino and gambled a couple of hours. Then I came back for dinner. After dinner I went back and gambled for three hours. I ended up giving the casino $25.00 but I had fun doing so. It has been a long day but fun.     

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