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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Friday 10-25 It's Cold

It's cold

Last night a front came through and brought rain and wind. When Larry woke up it was in the 40's and it only got to the mid 50's. The wind was very strong. We just hung around the house.

When we got home from our trip a couple of our Alexa devices weren't working correctly. We have two Echo buttons that we use a lot and both of them had stopped working. This morning Larry reprogrammed them, now they work perfect. It's funny how much we now rely on technology and when it doesn't work we feel lost. The nice thing about the Alexa devices is you can still do it manually if you need to.

We read a bit. Larry was teasing me about working out on my Wii Fit. I told him I wasn't going to because he was teasing me but I did workout with it. I knew it was a long time but I didn't know it was 149 days. I do keep a bit active via square dancing and while on our trip we hiked and walked when we toured places. Wow, here it goes. I worked out using my Wii Fit for 30 minutes and Just Dance for 30 minutes.

149 days since I worked with my Wii Fit

The three different Just Dance programs I used 2019, 2018 and 2016

In the evening we continued watching the PBS Country Music series. We watched another two episodes. First episode was "The Rub", which was about when country music from Beginning to 1933. The second episode was "Hard Times", which was about country music between 1933 to 1945. The third episode was "The Hillbilly Shakespeare", which was about country music between 1945 to 1953. The fourth episode was "I Can't Stop Loving You", which was about country music between 1953 to 1963. Afterwards I started watching the second season of Hamish Macbeth. We had a relaxing day.  

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