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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Wednesday 10-23 Doing This & That

What's next on the agenda?

It has been so good to be back in our Sleep Number bed. The last two mornings I have slept in, yesterday I didn't get up until almost 9:00 and today about 8:15. 

After breakfast we continued getting caught up. The first thing we did was take both the car and the truck to Valvoline Instant Oil Change for their yearly safety inspections. The truck's tags aren't due until December but you can get it inspected early. The truck also needed to go for spin considering we don't drive it much. We loaded up and drove it to Valvoline. It was early so we were out very fast. We told them we would see them a few minutes for another inspection. We dropped the truck off at the house and got the Equinox. When we got back to Valvoline we had to wait a bit because they had one bay closed due to them getting the old oil pumped out into a truck. There were two other people in front of us. Once the truck left with the old oil we got the car inspected. Inspection number 2 all done for another year. It cost us $7.00 per vehicle for inspection. The rest of the inspection is added on to the tags.

Taking the old oil away

Equinox getting inspected

The truck getting inspected

The other day Amazon put their new Kindle on sale. Larry's Kindle is four years old and other than the battery not last quite as long as when it was new it works fine but the new one is thinner, lighter and even more impressive it now has a background light. It's even smaller than my two year old Kindle. The new Kindle was on sale for $65, normal price is $90, by trading in the old Kindle we got 25% off plus another $15 off, ended up costing $37 with tax. We received it yesterday. Larry's Kindle is black so it is easy for us to tell them apart. Amazon stores all the books we have purchased in the cloud so when Larry setup the new Kindle all our books were immediately available. Then he packaged the old Kindle up to ship it back for the exchange. So far the Kindle looks great.  While we were in town we mailed the old Kindle back to Amazon.

New Kindle and my Kindle

Look at how bright the new Kindle screen is compared to my Kindle

The next stop was Walmart to pick up a few things.

After lunch we went outside to put up the Halloween decorations we got from The Seeds Program. We plugged in the decorations and blew them up and arranged them where we wanted them in the yard. Then we used the stakes that came with them in the ground to hold them up. Today was very windy and they survived so we should be good to go. Larry set the decorations up through Alexa so they will turn on at sunset and turn off at 10:30. That way we won't have to remember to do so.

Holding up the pumpkin decoration while trying to anchor it to keep it from falling

Ready for Halloween

Indoor skull for Halloween

Halloween Decoration at night

Then Larry did a couple of motorcycle projects. We used the motorcycle during our trip and it worked out great. Larry didn't like how it ran so today he put the old carburetor back on. He wanted to take it for a ride to make sure it ran correctly. When he tried to start it it wouldn't start. It took him a couple of hours to find out that it was the battery. The battery voltage checked out good but when he put any load on it it wouldn't work. He had the old battery so he put it in the motorcycle and it started. He took the bike for a ride and he said that it ran excellent.

Replacing the carburetor

Motorcycle Projects

Louise had e-mailed Larry and told him that there was a new Ken Burns series on PBS called Country Music. She said it was very good. Larry went on the site and found that it was an eight episode series, each episode is about two hours long. So in the evening we watched a couple of the episodes. Louise was right it is really good.   

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