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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Tuesday 10-29 Damp Day

Damp Day

We had a damp day. It sprinkled on and off all day. It only got up to the low 50s.

A drizzling day
This morning we cleaned the interior of the boat. Larry and I wiped down the seats, other vinyl parts and instrument panel. Then we put a vinyl protection on. After lunch Larry went back to working on the boat by vacuuming it out and cleaning the carpet. Now we have to wait for the carpet to dry before vacuuming it out again. Then we'll cover the boat up for the season.

Larry cleaning the boat's carpet

While Larry was cleaning the boat's carpeting I read. When he finished we went to the UPS Store because we had a package there. 

The other day when Larry found out that Louise's ceiling fan light fixture was bad he did some research and found out that the light fixture had failed on other customers too. Some of them had replaced it under warranty but Louise's is past the warranty period. He found a replacement on Amazon, it was not an exact fit but from the reviews he thought he could make it work. This afternoon he worked on it. Larry had to modify the old casing on the light. He removed a few tabs on the new light fixture and drilled a hole in the old casing. Once he did this he put the fixture back together. He tested it out and it works perfect. The light fixture is very bright.

The old light fixture

New light fixture installed

Removing the tabs

In the evening we finished watching the Ken Burns Country Music series. The eighth episode "Don't Get Above Your Raisin'", was about country music between 1984 to 1996. The series was very good. Afterwards I read a bit.

Last night I finished watching a series on Acorn. This evening I started watching a new series on Acorn called My Life Is Murder. It's a private detective who specializes in  investigating murders. It's an Australian murder mystery series starring Lucy Lawless from Parks and Recreation television series. I watched three episodes. It's a cute series.    


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