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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Friday 10-4 Dayton Aviation Heritage Center

Awesome Day

We had to move on today because Buck Creek State Park was full for the weekend, in fact all the states parks in the area are full for the weekends.

After I crawled out of bed I made breakfast. Then I went over to take a shower, Larry had done so earlier. When I got back we got the Minnie ready to leave. We weren't in any hurry considering were just 38 miles from Dayton. Dayton has the Dayton Aviation Heritage Center. The center is run by the National Parks. There is not an admission fee but they do accept donations which we are more that happy to give. The lady, who greeted us was very friendly and knowledgeable of the center. The center is about the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville and had great displays on their history. They also had displays on Paul Laurence Dunbar, he was a famous and beloved poet from Dayton. The Wright brothers started out with a print shop and then when the bicycle craze started they opened a bicycle shop where they eventually manufactured their own bicycles. Next door to the center is one of the original Wright Brothers Bicycle Shops. A park ranger took us on a tour through the bicycle shop and talked about the history of the shop. Orville liked to race and his bike was on display. Wilbur's bicycle was also on display. It was a very nice tour. When we got back to the center we watched a half hour movie about the Wright brothers. Then we walked around the center. On the second floor there were displays on Paul Laurence Dunbar, he had worked with the Wright Brothers on starting one of their newspapers. The second floor also contained an area about parachutes. The Dayton Aviation Heritage Center was very nice.

The Wright Cycle Co.

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park
The Wright Brothers 1902 Glider

Frank B. Hale Groceries a local merchant

A display on bicycle parts that the Wright brothers use on their aeroplanes

Orville Wright bicycle

Wilbur Wright's bicycle

Display about Paul Laurence Dunbar

After finishing the tour we went back to the Minnie. We had parked it in a parking lot that was for RVs. When we got back we had lunch. Then we went to Hollywood Gaming, which is a Casino and Racetrack. The racetrack is for harness racing. It has live racing in the evening. There were 14 races but we only stayed for 6 of them. It was fun betting and watching the races. I didn't do too good but we had fun. The races are a mile long race but the track is only 7/10 of a mile so the horses had to start about halfway on the far side of the track. The gate was cool because it was on the back of a truck. A driver drives the gate around the track. As he drives he pushes a switch that lowers the gates arm. Then the horses have to run to get into the gate. It's really hard considering the truck is moving down the track. Once they're at the starting place the arms raise and the truck pulls away. The races were very close which made it very exciting. I spent a few hours in the casino gambling. I had a super time playing the slots.

The gate for the race

The lady that leads the horses onto the track

The horses are all lined up at the gate

A close finish

Look how far back the jockey leans

I had a great day touring the Dayton Aviation Heritage Center, betting on the horses and playing the slots.       

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