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Monday, October 21, 2019

Sunday 10-20 Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

We are home!!!! I'm so excited to be home. It is always nice to get away but it's just as nice to be home.

We were gone for fifty-nine days, Larry drove 4700 miles. We visited eight states and explored Ontario Canada for six days. We attended five square dancing events. We visited new places and revisited places we have previously been to. Our camping fees averaged $18 per day, boondocking (camping for free) some days really helped. Our total average cost was $57 per day, this included everything: camping, fuel, food, dancing, etc., even Tim Horton's. Not eating out really helps to keep our cost down. We had a super time.

We got home at 11:30. Everything was great around the house, the yard even looked better than we hoped. We unloaded the Minnie and the motorcycle off its carrier. I started doing laundry. We had a busy afternoon getting things back to normal after being gone for two months.

In the evening we caught up on a few YouTube videos and watched a little bit of football. When Larry went to bed I started to watch the third season of Miss Fisher on Acorn. 


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