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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday 10-19 Closing Day of TEXPACC

Outstanding day

Today was the final day of TEXPACC. At 10:00 we started the day out in the C1 hall doing workshops on Blocks and Track (n) Concepts. The first hour was with Vic Ceder, the second hour was Tim Ploch. They both did a great job teaching the Blocks Concept. We had four squares.

Every year Paris has a fund raising barbecue at the Love Civic Center for a scholarship fund. Local people smoke brisket, sausage, pork and ribs all night long. It costs $10.00 per person, they give you a plate and cup and you to go to different vendors and try out their barbecue. Along with the meat they serve beans and potato salad and other toppings such as onion, pickles and barbecue sauce. This year it started at 11:00 and stopped at 1:00.

After doing the workshops we walked over to the event. We ended up having brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, potato salad, pork 'n' beans, bread and iced tea. We thought the barbecue was a little dry and cold (last year it was outstanding). The vendors explained that their meats were a little cold and dry because it was finished early and they couldn't serve it until 11:00. There was a very nice crowd. Lots of square dancers were at the barbecue.

The afternoon session was at 2:00 finished at 5:00. We left at 4:30. We danced two hours in the C1 hall to Vic Ceder and Bronc Wise. They continued calling with the Blocks and Tracks 'n' Concepts. We had five squares. Then we walked across the hall to the A2 hall to dance with our A2 friends. They were happy that we showed up and we had a super time. We had four squares.

Glen and Char

John and Lois

Pam and Bruce

Dan and Gail

John and Diane

Betsy and Gary

The night session was at 8:00 to 10:30. The first hour and a half in the C1 hall we danced a half hour to Ross Howell, Tim Ploch and Vic Ceder. We had five squares. We danced a half hour in the A2 hall to Bronc Wise and our friends. We had five squares. The last half hour everyone got together and did a final tip with all the callers Ross Howell, Bronc Wise, Vic Ceder, Tim Ploch and Darryl Lipscomb. Then we had a group picture taken. Afterward door prizes were given out. We had an excellent weekend of dancing with friends and great callers.

Vic Ceder and me

Bronc Wise and me

Darryl Lipscomb and me

Ross Howell and me

Tim Ploch and me

My friend out of Houston Yasuko and me

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