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Friday, October 4, 2019

Thursday 10-3 A Relaxing Day

Not feeling well

I have been fighting a head cold for the last five days. I gave it to Larry and today he felt terrible so we decided to just hang around the campground. We spent the day reading. I did my monthly financial reports. Actually Larry spent a good part of the day sleeping. I did go outside to barbecue some pork sausage patties for dinner.

About 3:00 people started to show up for the weekend. It was a constant flow of RVs for a few hours. By the weekend the park will be full. We'll be moving on tomorrow. 

It's been great having power for the A/C. For most of the last week there has been record setting heat , daytime temperatures have been in the mid 90s, the normal high for this time of year is 69. Starting tomorrow the temperatures are suppose to be dropping into the 70s during the day and 50s at night. We hope that the forecast is correct because we're not going to have power for the next few days.

It's hot


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