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Saturday, October 8, 2016

10-7 Tired Feet, No Gym

My feet hurt.
I woke up this morning and my feet ached. I abuse my feet by doing lots of things barefoot, I workout on my Wii Fit, Just Dance and Gold Gym programs barefoot and I work around the house barefoot. I even walk outside without shoes. When I work with the computer I have a habit of putting my feet on the legs of the chair and when I assemble jig saw puzzles I use a stool and put my feet on the cross bars. After having my feet on the chair legs or stool bars for a few hours when I start walking on my feet the arches will hurt. I didn't think anything about until this morning and my arches were hurting. Larry asked if I wanted to go to the gym and I told him my feet were hurting so I would pass. He understands about feet hurting consider he has feet issues. We stayed around the house all morning. After lunch we loaded Flo into the car and went to town. The weather was cool so leaving her in the car was not a problem. The first stop was Walmart to buy bug killer and dividers for binders. Lately when we walk in the grass we see bugs crawling in it but we really don't have any in the house. We looked for bug killer in Walmart and found one kind. But it didn't say that it killed spiders so we passed on it. Larry keeps a binder for the boat and the Minnie where he keeps track of what has been done on them. He ran out of sleeves to put the paperwork in so we went to the office supplies area and found what he wanted. The next stop was The Home Depot. When Larry installed the second pair of gauges for the air springs on the Minnie he noticed that it might be possible for the battery to shift and damage the gauge so he decided that he was going to make a spacer to prevent this from happening. He needed a 2x2 to build it. We bought the board using his Man Card. The Man Card is a gift card that says Man Card on it. When he told the clerk that he was going to use his Man Card she thought he was joking but when she looked at the card and it said Man Card she was surprised. She said this was the first one she ever saw.

The chair I use when playing computer games
My Wii Fit Program that lets me know how long it's been since I used it

Doing errands in town
Square Dancing with The Killeen Kickers
When we got home Larry cut four 11 inch pieces off the board. He screwed the pieces together and put them where the battery is. They fit perfectly and now he won't have to worry about damaging the gauges. Then we went inside and I took a nap. When I woke up I worked out on my Wii Fit for a half hour, today I wore shoes. I was surprised that it has been 49 days since I used it. In the evening we went to Killeen to dance with the Killeen Kickers, the last two times we have been there they have only had two squares which we found surprising since they had been getting four or five. Dan Clairmont called a good dance. Christina Wiggins did a great job with cuing the line dancing. We danced every tip except one and I danced every line dance. A couple of times Christina and I were the only ones doing the line dance. We had a nice day and Flo had another good day. 

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