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Friday, October 21, 2016

10-20 Getting Ready forParis

We're Excited
We're so excited, this weekend we are going to be in Paris, Texas. They're having a big square dancing event with four rooms of 4 levels full time (A2, C1, C2 and C3A). The sessions are all computer controlled. There will be five callers (Bronc Wise, Tim Ploch, Darryl Lipscomb, Vic Ceder and Ross Howell).

Once again I didn't go to the gym considering I had a lot to do around the house to get ready for this event. I spent the morning loading up the Minnie with clothing and food. After lunch I did some housework. Then at 3:45 we went to Sun City for our last class session with the Sundancers. Last month we weren't sure if we would be able to go to Paris considering we were still learning all the A2 moves. Larry asked Marty (the gentleman that was in charge of the Thursday lessons) if we would be finished in time. Marty and the other A dancers have been working hard to make sure we were introduced to all the moves. Last week Marty finished up the A2 moves. Today we worked on moves that might be called at the A2 dances and they're not on the list to teach. Now we're ready to go to Paris and get some practice on the moves.

Power Strip installed on Larry's workbench
Grinding the old rivets off the water ski binding
Assembling the new strap
What the bindings look like now
In the afternoon when I was doing housework Larry was working in his workroom. A couple of days ago we swung by the UPS Store to pickup our mail and a there was a package from the Home Depot Seeds program, it was a 6' Legrand Power Strip that Larry had requested. He installed the strip today and now he needs to do a review on it. The last time we water skied this year when we tightened the straps on our bindings, a couple of the straps broke, we have a backup set of bindings so we swapped them out and continued to ski. Larry ordered new straps for them, the straps have been here for a bit so even though we won't need them until next summer he decided today was a good time fix the bindings. He had purchased four straps so he replaced all three straps on one binding and the broken one in the other. The bindings were originally from a pair of inline skates, back in the late 90's Larry removed the wheels and converted them to water-ski bindings. The straps are riveted on so he had to grind the rivets off with his Dremel tool. He had to be careful that he didn't melt the binding considering it's plastic. Once the rivets were ground off he removed the old straps and replaced them with a new one. The bindings came out prefect so when he finished the project he decided to order some more straps. 

New red, white and blue hats for square dancing
As we were leaving for Sun City I fed Flo her dinner. On the way home we stopped and had dinner at Taco Bell. Then we went to Walmart to pickup a couple things I forgot when we went shopping the other day. When we got home Flo was one happy dog. While I was saying hi to her Larry went to the front porch and got the package that was at the front door. It was a couple of red, white and blue hats he had ordered. The hats were a bit crushed so I ironed them to remove the creases, they look better. Now we are ready to go to Paris. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!       

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