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Monday, October 24, 2016

10-23 I Make a Decision

Let me see, what should we do? 
Larry woke up a little before 7 and took care of Flo. While Larry was taking Flo for a walk around the RV area I crawled out of bed and was getting dressed when they returned. For breakfast we had sausage patties and Sister Schubert's dinner rolls. Today's dancing was from 10 until 12. While we were eating breakfast Larry asked me if I wanted to wait and go dancing or if I would prefer to go gambling. Oh, now I have to make a decision! I hate making decisions but I do love to gamble, I chose gambling. I chose to use the excuse  that we danced a lot this weekend and our feet really needed a break. There was a Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma which was only 25 miles from Paris. After breakfast we got the Minnie ready to leave. Once we parked the Minnie Larry and I walked over to the casino, it was very nice, not huge but unfortunately it didn't have a non smoking area, since it was early on a Sunday it was not busy and smoke was not a problem. We walked around so I could get familiar with how the casino was set up, I found the penny slots that I was happy with. Larry doesn't normally gamble so he went back to the Minnie. We had decided that I would gamble until 10 or so, plenty of time to enjoy myself. Larry showed back up when I was almost finished. By the time we left the casino I have given them $5.00 dollars, pretty good for a hour and a half of entertainment. I had a great time. 

Homeward Bound
On the way home we stopped in a parking lot and had a sandwich for lunch. We got back to the house at 4:15. It was a long drive home but we had a fabulous time in Paris. When we finished unloading the Minnie I made dinner from some leftover pork ribs. In the evening we watched some YouTube videos and the second episode of The Durrells on PBS. Afterwards we streamed a few episodes of Hardy Sound Music Stories. They were about musicians in the Austin area (The Villettes, Jazz Mills and Wiretree). We also started a couple more but we didn't like them. I watched Doctor Blake Mysteries on KLRU. I also played computer games.          

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