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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tuesday 7-17 It is hot!!!!

It's hot!!!

We had another 104 degree day and it's not gonna get any cooler for at least a week. For the last few days our air has been really hazy, it is due to sand blowing in from Africa. I woke up with a headache, might have been caused by the poor air quality, we didn't go to the lake.

Larry started another project for the motorcycle. Our motorcycle has a really small gas tank, carrying two of us it goes about 50 miles and you have to turn on the reserve. That's normally ok considering we don't ride it far, however, Larry has read where people use storage cylinders and put a small fuel container in them. The cylinders are really inexpensive but you have to figure out how to fit them to your motorcycle. He bought one and is using some aluminum to build a couple of mounting brackets. He figured out where he wanted the brackets, cut the aluminum, shaped it with sanders and files and drilled holes for mounting bolts. He worked on building the brackets until around 3:00 before calling it a day.

Building the bracket using a grinder

Rounding the end with his Dremel

Checking out the brackets to make sure they fit with cylinder

The Storage Cylinder

While Larry worked on his project I worked on my annual adventure book.

In the evening we started to watch an Amazon series called Scott + Bailey. It's a detective series about two women detectives working together to solve cases. So far it's pretty good. Then I worked out with Just Dance for a half hour. We had a very nice day.      

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