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Friday, July 27, 2018

Thursday 7-26 Special A2 Dance

Bright sunny day

We had a wonderful day. 

We started the day out by giving the car a bath at Mister Car Wash. Next stop was our weekly grocery shopping. We normally do our shopping at HEB but this week we went to Walmart, it was nearby and we really didn't need much. We picked up our mail at the UPS Store and then went to Family Dollar to buy Mini Moon Pies.
Grocery shopping

During the afternoon Larry worked on editing my annual book. I did my weekly household chores and baked some Crispy Butterscotch Cookies to take with us to tonight's dance.

Doing weekly chores

In the evening Larry and Patricia met up with us and we all went to Sun City for our weekly A dance. This week we had a special caller, Bill Haynes, who is a very challenging. There were four squares. We had a super time and the cookies were a hit.

Friends having fun dancing to Bill Haynes

Friends having fun doing moves that were called

Friends having fun

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