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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday 3-22 Getting Ready for Our Adventure

Our day started out in the low 60's and it ended up getting to 80 with sunshine. 

The first thing we did today was go to town for Larry's appointment to see an oral surgeon. He needs a tooth removed and an implant put in. He will probably get a second opinion simply to see if he can find someone a bit less expensive. 

On the way home we swung by to pick up the Minnie from storage. When we got home Larry changed clothes and then he changed the oil in the Minnie, cleaned the posts on both batteries, filled the fresh water tank, checked the air pressure on the air bags. Now the Minnie is waiting for me.

The Minnie
Putting the new oil in
Look how clean the new oil looks.
Pouring the old oil in the container for recycling
Cleaning up after changing the oil
While we were eating lunch Larry read his e-mails and came across a message from the UPS Store saying we have a package waiting for us. I loaded the used oil and oil filters we have in the back of the car while Larry loaded Flo, then off to town we went. The first thing we did was stop at the UPS Store and pick up our package and mail. The package was the special insurance card for Canada. The last stop was Walmart to get rid of the old oil and filters. 

When we got home I cut up lettuce and a red pepper for the salads I'm making for dinner. Then I worked out for an hour with my Wii Fit and Just Dance. 

After my workout I finished making our salads, besides the lettuce and pepper I put in some shredded cheese, raisins and ham. I haven't made salads in a long time so Larry was excited about it, he likes salads.

In the evening we watched YouTube videos and three episodes of the first season of Star Trek the Next Generation. Then I worked on my puzzle until it was time to go to bed.  

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