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Friday, March 3, 2017

Thursday 3-2 Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy
We had a busy, busy, busy day, but fun. We started the out by going grocery shopping. We did our weekly grocery shopping and then we swung by the UPS Store to get our mail, afterwards homeward bound we went.

Grocery Shopping
Larry and I took the groceries into the house and then Larry got Flo out of the car. While he was doing this I put the groceries away. When I finished it was time for lunch so I heated up some of the smoked pork and made sandwiches. They came out delicious. 

Doing chores
After lunch the fun began. We're going to Tool this weekend for a square dancing event so I got the Minnie ready. I swept it out and wiped it down inside. Then I loaded it up with clothes and food for the weekend. While I was doing this Larry mowed the front yard, blew out the garage, driveway and front porch, then he filled up the water tank in the Minnie. He also installed the vent extensions. After I finished loading the Minnie I cleaned the house, I did dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, laundry and vacuumed.

While Larry was working outside the mailman came and delivered our new phone. We're planning on going to Canada during our Spring trip and we need a cell phone/hot spot that will work in Canada. Larry did a bunch of research on phone providers outside the states. He eventually found that if you have an unlocked smart phone a couple of US companies will allow you to purchase a monthly plan that will work in both the US and Canada, not only as a cell phone but also as a hot spot. He was able to find a reasonably priced phone with great reviews that he was able to order via Amazon. When he finished working outside he started setting up the phone. He got it to work and now he is getting to know the features the phone has to offer. He tried to get it setup to work as a hot spot and eventually had to call the provider, they said they were having problems with that option and hoped to have it corrected tomorrow, any bets on that happening? 

In the evening our friends Larry and Patrica came to the house to go with us to the Sundancers weekly A dance. We had two squares and three people sitting out. We had a great time dancing with friends. 

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