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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Friday 3-17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

For all the Irish people that follow my blog Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

We started the day off by going to town. While in town we stopped by HEB and picked up a few things we needed. Then we went to the UPS Store to check the mail and pick up another Home Depot Seeds Program package. The package was a Ridgid Pro Pack Plus 5.0, shop vacuum. We are still waiting for one more item. After checking the mail we filled the car up with gas and went home.
When we got home I put the few thing from HEB away. Larry played with the shop vacuum. When Larry finished playing I made lunch. 

After lunch I laid down for a couple of hours and Larry started writing reviews on the Seeds Program items he received. The first thing Larry does when he receives the items from the Seeds Program is he takes pictures of them. Then he sees how they work by trying out the features. Next he sits down and writes a review. When he finishes the review he lets it sit a day or two, then he rereads it to see if he has anything else to add. Once he is happy with what he writes he submits the review along with pictures. 

Gorilla Ladder
Oreck Air Filter
Ridgid Shop Vacuum

When I woke up I worked on my puzzle and worked out with my Just Dance Program for a half hour. After my workout I barbecued cheddar bacon burgers from HEB for dinner. I baked the rest of the strawberry shortcake cookies, nice to try something different but I would not recommend these..
Workout program I use
In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and a movie off Amazon. The movie we watched was Our City Dreams, which was about woman's struggle and successes as an artist in New York City. It was very interesting considered the story was told through five women artists. We had a very relaxing day. 
Watching television

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