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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Monday 3-13 What should we do today?

Removing the garbage disposal
When we were building the house the plumbing company wanted to know if we were sure we wanted a garbage disposal considering we have a septic system and are not on a city sewage system. Larry told him he did, we really did not need the disposal but we wanted the kitchen wired and plumbed for it so the garbage disposal was installed. When you have a septic system you should only put items in it that will decompose easily. As with all disposals it will start to smell and I have to use cleaners in it, we have tried using different products, one of them is Plink, it works for a little while and gives a lemon scent, another product is Glisten, it comes in a packet that you put in the disposal and it cleans the disposal, this product works a lot better. We got tried of dealing with it so this morning Larry decided to remove the garbage disposal.

Before working on removing the garbage disposal Larry did another project. We have a lot of books around the house. Some of them are listed on Paperback Swap but they haven't been requested so they're just taking up space. The books we normally read are by popular authors and there are so many copies available on Paperback Swap that you have to wait a long time for them to be requested, when I say a long time I am talking about years. The Temple Library has two fund raising events every year where books that are donated to the library are sold for $1.00 for paperbacks and $2.00 for hardbacks. At the end of each event if the books aren't sold they are donated to other organizations. We are running out of room for books so Larry decided to go through the books we have listed on Paperback Swap and donate them to the library. First he scanned them into Goodreads which is a website where you can keep track of books you read and you can review them if you want to. After filling four bags with books he stopped, we will do the rest later.

Then we loaded Flo into the car and headed to town. We stopped at The Home Depot to pick up plumbing parts we needed for the disposal project and a couple products I needed for the house. The last stop was at the Temple Library to donate our books.

Once at home Larry worked on removing the garbage disposal. The first step was to unscrew the disposal from the sink. Then he disconnected the disposal from the switch that turns it on. Next he started to assemble the plumbing he bought. He found out that he needed another part in order to assemble the plumbing so we went back to town. The first stop was Walmart to see if they had the part. Walmart didn't have it so we went back to The Home Depot. After buying the part we went home. Once at the house Larry assembled the plumbing and checked for leaks. We had a small leak but Larry fixed it.

Removing the garbage disposal
Some parts used to replace the disposal
Disconnecting the disposal from the switch
Putting plumbers putty on the sink strainer
The finished project

In the evening we went to Sun City and danced with the Sundancers. There were enough people for nine squares. After the dance Brad called an A tip. We had a super time dancing with the Sundancers and to Brad's calling.        

Larry doing the right and left grand with friends
Friends having fun while dancing
Brad Caldwell calling the dance
Round dancing during the square dancing tips

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