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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday A Cool Sunny Day

Playing in the sun
The day started out a little cool but it ended up being a gorgeous sunny day. The children in our neighborhood are on Spring Break so they were outside playing. The birds were chirping.

We didn't have anything on our agenda but that didn't stop Larry from finding something to do around the house. He wanted to wash the Minnie but it was a too cold in the morning so he decided to install a new USB hub for our computer. We have been having an intermittent problem with printing and he thinks our old hub may be failing. Before installing the hub he decided to organize all his wires going to the computer and the old hub. While organizing the wires he also vacuumed behind the file cabinet where the printer sits. 

Larry organizing his wires
While Larry was doing this I decided to start another jigsaw puzzle. First thing I did was say good-bye to The Magical Unicorn Forest puzzle. I took it apart and put it back in its box. Then I had to make a decision on which one of my six new puzzles to do next. Well, I decided to do my last Buffalo puzzle called Country Music by the artist Kim Norlien. It is a 2.000 piece puzzle and the finished product is 38.5 inches X 26.5 inches. The pieces are the normal size. It's going to be challenging considering it has a lot of green in it.

The puzzle I started to assemble
After lunch the sun was shining and the temperature was warmer so we decided to wash the Minnie. The Minnie has been sitting in the driveway for over a week waiting to be washed. It was a perfect day to do this job. It took about an hour and half. Larry did the washing while I dried it off and Flo took advantage of sun. 

Flo enjoying the sun
After washing the Minnie I worked out with my Just Dance program for forty-five minutes. 

In the evening we watched our YouTube videos and a couple of movies on Amazon about women artists in the early 1900's. The first one was called Paris Was A Woman, it was about women settling in Paris in between the two world wars. Some of the artist were from the United States. The movie was about women (many of them lesbians) artists, writers, photographers, designers and adventurers. It was a very good movie. The second movie was Peggy Guggenheim, she was not an artist, she was an admirer and collector of art, she was from America but moved to Paris to be around artists. She was a very interesting woman and open about her life. This was also a good movie. After watching the movies I worked on my jigsaw puzzle and did my daily Solitaire challenges LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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