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Friday, March 17, 2017

Thursday 3-16 Just Another Thursday

We woke up to clouds and a little fog. The clouds stayed in all day. We didn't have anything that needed our attention so we stayed at the house until the evening.

A couple of weeks ago a program called Facerig was demonstrated on one of the Youtube channels we follow and I thought it was really cute so Larry did some research. he found out it would work on our computer and it was inexpensive so he loaded it up and figured out how to make it work. I thought I would like to play with it but I haven't really done anything with it yet. Larry did make a couple of really short videos with it. To watch the video click on the arrow in the center of the picture, you might have to turn up the volume. Maybe you could leave a comment telling me what you think of it.

Our friends, Larry and Patrica showed up at the around 5:00 to go to Sun City for their Thursday A dancing. There were enough people for two squares and three extra people. The tapes we danced to were a little more complicated then last week and were great fun.

Square dancing with the Sundancers A group

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