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Friday, January 20, 2017

Thursday 1-19 Do you play games?

Do you play games? There are a lot of variety of games. There are board games, card games, book games, dominos and others. When I was growing up I use to play jump rope, pattie cake, jacks, pick up sticks, Tiddly Wicks and board games. When the family traveled in the car we would play car games such as finding signs with the letter of the alphabet in it and we sang songs. In school at recess we would play dodge ball, Red Rover, Kick ball and other sports. I would play some card games such as Solitaire, Kings, Uno and others. I would also put jig saw puzzles together. As I grew up I got away from the games. Last year I started putting jig saw puzzles together. I had forgotten how much fun I had doing this. I have put together five jig saw puzzle in between doing other things. I started out with a 1,000 pieces puzzle and now I do 2,000 pieces. I've tried different brands and liked Buffalo and Bits and Pieces the best due to the quality of the puzzle pieces. 
Here at J5 RV Park they have different activities for people to do. The activities during the day are line dancing, golf, hobbies, bridge, bowling and darts. In the evenings at 7:00 they play card games, regular bingo and card bingo. We're usually square dance in the evenings but on Thursday we dance in the afternoon so we have the night free. Today I went down to the recreation room and joined the residents in card bingo. I have never played it before so I was a little nervous. A gentleman explained to me how to play. You get a deck of cards and form a team of four people. Each team member gets thirteen cards. The dealer sits in front and draws a card and calls it out. The first person who gets rid of all their cards calls out bingo. It cost $2.00 per person. This evening we had six full teams of four and one with team of three. We played twelve games. It was a lot of fun. I came close a couple of times of getting bingo.
We had a great day.

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